Lost and Found Animals

Stray Dogs

If you live in the city of Morris, and have an unknown dog on your property, call the Morris City Police at 320-589-1155 and they will deal with catching and removing the dog. The City Police are responsible for all stray dogs inside the city limits. It may also be a good idea to phone the radio station to announce that a dog has been found.

Please note: You should call the police immediately when you find a lost dog. If you keep the dog for several days, law enforcement is entitled to consider the animal to be your pet.

If you live outside the city of Morris, the SCHS can assist you in finding a stray dog's owner.

Stray Cats

Never assume a stray cat will be tame. If the cat will let you approach it, and you can keep the cat contained, call SCHS at 320-589-0378. Never place a stray cat with other animals or children, since it may pass illnesses to others.

Lost Animals

Found Animals

If the SCHS acquires animals that we believe may be household pets we will post them at this site. If you have any information about the animal(s) shown/described here, please contact the Humane Society at:

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