Pet Surrenders

Occasionally an owner will not be able to care for a pet and will wish to surrender it to the Humane Society. The priority of the SCHS is neglected, abused, and stray animals; however, SCHS welcomes as many animals as we can safely and healthily manage.

All pet surrenders are at the discretion of the Stevens Community Humane Society. If the SCHS is unable to take in the pet you wish to surrender, we recommend contacting other nearby Humane Societies. Some animal surrenders are not accepted because all SCHS foster homes are full, or due to the health of the animal.

As of January 1, 2011 the SCHS will no longer advertise pets on behalf of owners. If you wish to rehome your pet and SCHS cannot take your surrender, we recommend the following:

  • Call other area humane societies such as Lakes Area Humane Society (320.759.2260)
  • Advertise your pet in the Morris Sun Tribune (320.589.2525)
  • Advertise your pet on the radio station (KKOK 95.7 FM, 320.589.3131)

Please do not list your animal as "free" or as a "give-away". Dog fighters are known to "adopt" free animals and use them as bait animals in training fighting dogs. Bait animals are tortured and killed in the process. Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations and is spayed or neutered and ask a small fee instead.

Surrender Fee

  • $20.00 for cat or dog

What Is the Surrender Fee For?

The surrender fee helps to cover the cost of animal care, including veterinary care, food and other supplies, and the costs associated with attempting to rehome the pet.

Forms and Further Information

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