Beetle was sick as a kitten and has the "wobbles". She can't jump up on anything but can walk and run around. She is kind of wobbly when getting around and her head kind of shakes when resting. She is also believed to be partially or completely deaf.


Felix is a sweet kitten who loves people and playing with the other kittens. He is still adjusting to the changes of the shelter. 

Dracula is a sweet cat who can be particular about the company he keeps. He loves attention from people but is not a fan of being held. He is still adjusting to the cats at the shelter but has made a friend with one of them. He needs a home that will allow him the opportunity to be his unique self.


Cordelia is an 8 year old declawed cat who is a little shy at first. She does warm up and love attention after a while. 

Tigger is sweet kitten who loves to play and run around. She is still adjusting to her new environments here at SCHS as she loves meeting all of the new volunteers and other kittens.


Reese is a sweet kitten who has had a hard life already in his short time. Although he has gone through so much, you wouldn't know it as he runs around and plays with all of the other kittens. 

Josephine is a sweet 8 month old who can be a little shy at first. She loves people and once she warms up to you she never wants to leave your arms. 

Rajah is 2 years old and just the biggest snuggler. He gets along with other cats and dogs. He is looking for his fur-ever home after his first placement did not work out. 


Elouise is a sweet kitten who is very playful and loving. She has a lot of energy and ready to use it. She was quite sick when she was brought into us but has fully recovered and ready to go to her new home!


Luna is a sweet almost a year old cat who just loves people. She is ready to find the right home for her so she can curl up on your lap and sleep the day away!

Stevens Community humane society

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