Danika ia a shy 2 month old black DSH. Warming to lots of cuddles.


Maui is a 2 year old, neutered male, white with tabby like markings. He's playful with other kitties in the shed and loves people's  attention.



Missy is a 4 year old,  altered female, white with rust and tabby markings, short haired domestic. Loves to play and get pets.

Betty is a 2 year old altered female short haired domestic, gray/white. Sweet and friendly.



Stanley is a 1 1/2 year old altered male. Black and white, SHD. Loves to cuddle. Very mellow.

Bam Bam is a seven week old tiger striped tabby. Unaltered male. Cute and fun.


Bam Bam


Dreamsicle is cute little orange tabby male. Full of personality. DSH

Dottie is a fun loving little female tabby full of spunk.14 weeks old. DSH

Heading 3




Kit Kat

Reeses Pieces



Chester is a beautiful adult male tabby. Neutered. 1 1/2 years old. Warms up to lots of petting

Dusty is a beautiful gray female, spayed. Quite photogenic, as you can see. What a special smile.

Hershey is one of four siblings we have. you will notices a theme with their names. She is about 8wks old. Cute little tabby.

Kit Kat is a brother to Hershey. Cute white markings on his paws and chest and face.

Reese Pieces another brother to Hershey. Also has the white paws, face and chest.

Snickers is a sister to Hershey. Typical tabby markings. 8wks old.

Pumpkin is a orange tabby, male, 3 months old.  Cute as a button.

Stevens Community humane society

Stevens Community Humane Society

P.O Box 407

Morris, MN 56267

Phone: (320) 589-0378

Email: stevenshumanesociety@gmail.com

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