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  • Consider donating to SCHS online! JustGive.org is a highly reputable charitable donation agency used by numerous small nonprofit organizations such as the Humane Society of Kandiyohi and Meeker Counties. (Free registration/account creation will be required). Gifts can be general donations or can be designated as memorials, gifts for specific purposes, or memberships.

  • Adoption Day! Adoption Day at Shopko the first Saturday of each month from 11AM-1PM.

Unsterilized Pets can have 18 Babies per Year--Only 4 will be Adopted. End Overpopulation by Spaying or Neutering Your Pet!

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program Coming to Alexandria

Do you know someone who qualifies as low-income but who needs their pet spayed or neutered? If so, the MN-SNAP (the Minnesota Spay-Neuter Assistance Program) opportunity may be just what you are looking for! MN SNAP offers low cost spay and neutering services to those who qualify. We hear that MN SNAP may be coming to Lakes Area Humane Society in Alexandria, MN on a quarterly basis. Please visit www.mnsnap.org for more information and to see if you qualify. Contact Lakes Area Humane Society at 320-759-2260 or watch their web site to find out dates.

SCHS Celebrates 10 Years!

In 2013 the Stevens Community Humane Society celebrates its tenth anniversary! We will be having a special event to commemorate this landmark and also may be kicking off a capital campaign as we move forward in trying to have a facility in Morris. Watch for news of our activities and thank you for your support!

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Forever Homes

Slim was a dog with a severely damaged hind leg that the SCHS rescued several years ago. After much time and medical care, Slim found his forever family and was renamed "Sam". The family writes, "I just wanted to thank you for saving my golden retriever's life! Someone saw his potential and had his leg amputated and nursed him back to health. He was put up for adoption in Sept, but it's hard to see how amazing a 3 legged dog can be! He was not adopted until my family fell in love and adopted him. He was the most amazing dog and such a great brother to our other older golden Lady. He was always happy and just wanted to please. Sam was one in a million and everyone that met him loved his kind, sweet, nature. He is the only dog I have ever seen grin from ear to ear whenever we would get home-I really miss that! "Sam, are you smiling?" And it would make him grin even more! He was always by my side in the yard as he was the ultimate buddy dog. He had a great, happy life as in indoor dog. He lived his life to the fullest and it broke our hearts to lose him so fast to cancer last week. He was never sick and acted like a bouncy puppy until the very end when he got sick. He was the very best dog and I'm hoping that maybe someone remembers Sam/Slim and can know that he had an amazing life. Thank you so very much."

Sam is an example of the very fulfilling work done at the SCHS. We so appreciate Sam's adoptive family and the love and care they lavished upon this special animal. We are grateful for the financial and other support our friends and members offer us--without that support Sam would not have been saved and would not have had the happy life he experienced.


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