Our Services

Stevens Community Humane Society provides a number of services to animals in our community.

Dogs, Cats, Pocket Pets (hamsters, guinea, pigs, hedgehogs, lizards, and other reptiles).

Please note that pocket pets and horses are served on a case by case basis.


Questions? Please visit our contact page for our contact information or to submit a question/comment.

Please Note: 

  • We are not affiliated with the national humane society.

  • We work with animals on a case-by-case basis.

  • Some of our services are subject to the amount of grant funding that is available.

  • Our organization is entirely volunteer led. Because of this, some of our services and availability are subject to change.


Help find a forever home for that special dog or cat today! Your act creates new opportunities, a chance for adventures, and exploration. Be a part of the incredible transformation that takes place when you adopt today. Please note our fees. They cover spay/neuter procedures, updated shots, and any other vet and everyday needs of our lovely animals. The dog adoption fee is $150, while the fee for a cat adoption is $100. The fee for not yet fixed kittens is $50 with the expectation they will be fixed once old enough. 

Spay and Neuter

Stevens Community Humane Society provides spay and neuter options to the community when funds are available. Our organization will typically make an announcement through our Facebook page. 


Spaying and neutering your pet is important to help reduce pet homelessness, take care of your pets health, and can also help curb costs of taking care of a pet.


Please contact us to learn more about about our low cost spay and neuter program that is happening now!

Impounding: Procedures and Practices

If you find a stray animal...

Please contact the sheriff's office or the police department in your community. 

Morris Police Non Emergency Number (320) 208-6500

SCHS currently contracts with Stevens County Sheriff's Office and the Morris Police Department for the impounding of stray animals.  

Steven's Community Humane Society will attempt to locate or contact the owner. Legally after five days they are the property of the Stevens Community Humane Society. Impound fees may apply. 

Please  note, only in very specific situations can our organization assist in picking up certain stray animals. 


Interested in fostering a pet? Please click on the link below to fill out our prescreening questionnaire to determine your eligibility to be placed with one of our animals in need.

We appreciate your willingness to support animals in need as our services are small and limited. 


Our organization strives to provide events and individualized training's about animal welfare and husbandry. Our goal is to ensure that the well being of the animal.


Please visit our contact us page to inquire about our availability to conduct training's. Please note that our entire organization is volunteer run and training's and time our subject to availability. Check out our resources in the links below.

Stevens Community humane society

Stevens Community Humane Society

P.O Box 407

Morris, MN 56267

Phone: (320) 589-0378

Email: stevenshumanesociety@gmail.com

Building Address:

820 W 5th St. 

Morris, MN 56267

Building Hours:

Due to COVID-19, SCHS is open by appointment only

Wednesday: 4pm-6pm

Thursday: 4pm-6pm

Friday: 4pm-6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

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