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"I like volunteering because I love caring for animals and seeing them go to good homes. You can truly find some of the sweetest animal souls at SCHS. Volunteering also is very therapeutic. It gives you the chance to love on some beautiful animals. And makes your days a little less stressful"

Volunteering at SCHS is an amazing opportunity for you to give back to your community by donating your time and efforts to help care for our animals!

Volunteer chores include but are not limited to:

- cleaning kennels when animals have made a mess

- giving fresh food and water during shifts

- walking dogs (may have to walk in poor weather conditions)

- socializing animals

- completing other cleaning chores throughout the facility

Our facility is primarily ran by volunteers, without them we would not be able to grow and care for so many animals, please consider joining our team and filling out a volunteer application! (Paper copies are also available at our building)

"I started volunteering because I love animals and it was something for me to do while I was in school. I continue to volunteer because these animals have made an enormous impact on my life and have helped me grow into a better person. While it's sad to see some of your favorites go, it means so much to see them start their new lives with some amazing families."

"Volunteering is something that I never thought I would have time for, but I'm glad I made the time to meet and spend so much time with these animals. They quickly became a second family to me and I love being able to help them find new perfect homes"


Fostering is a great way to help some of our animals in need! SCHS supplies you with litter and food, and if necessary, medicine. This is a way to help socialize our animals and give them extra love and care that they may not get at the shelter, especially if you are unable to adopt! however, if you are looking to adopt but are not sure if they may be a purrfect fit, we also offer a foster to adopt program. If you have any questions about fostering you can call us and the building manager will be in contact with you! Otherwise, please fill out our Foster Home Application so we can get you qualified to help one of our furry friends!


We are a non-profit, volunteer based, animal shelter. That means that it is sometimes hard to find the resources we need in order to keep up with our ever growing shelter! But with all of the donations and support from our community members, we are able to stay at a steady pace of caring for animals and finding homes for all of them!

There are many ways you can donate! Some of our community members prefer to send cash or check donations in the mail, others have used our PayPal donation button (which has been added below)! We are also excited to announce our new Amazon Wishlist that was created this year! It has everything we may need to care for the animals from puppy training pads, to cat litter, to food, even cleaning supplies! If you would rather send donations that you know will help us care for animals, make sure to check it out!

*here are just SOME of the fabulous donations we have received from our Amazon Wishlist*

Thank you so much to everyone who has been so generous and helpful! We are extremely grateful for all of your support!!

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