About Us

Our Mission

Stevens Community Humane Society (SCHS) strives to provide temporary sheltering and quality care to stray and unwanted animals with the goal of placing them in permanent, loving homes. Additionally, we aspire to assist and educate the community on pet population control. 

Other Staff

Becca B, Building Director

"I have learned a lot as a volunteer and in my new role within SCHS. I love the animals that come through and I also love seeing animals get adopted into good homes."

Rachel Williams 

Volunteer Coordinator

"I know I've only been in this position for a short time, but I have loved getting to know and working with all of the volunteers and being able to help these animals!"

Our Motto

Assisting Animals, Enhancing Communities

Board Members

Karon White, President

Rochelle Anderson, Vice President

Tracey Anderson, Treasurer

Jean McDermott, Secretary

Kathleen Jost, Board Member

April Mevisson, Board Member 


Our Work

In order to fulfill our mission, Stevens Community Humane Society strives to provide services to meet the needs depending on the need of the animal surrendered or rescued in our care. These services include adoption,  foster, education outreach, special events, and spay and neutering.


Our Shelter!


We opened our new building in May of 2019 and since then we have been breaking records for how many animals we have cared for!

Cat room - April 2019.jpg
Dog room-April 2019.jpg

We are always in need of supplies, check out our Amazon Wish list or call if you are interested in donating to your local shelter!

We also are raising money for bigger purchases such as:

- Fencing for our back yard

- Microchip readers

- New computer